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I’m transforming my business with AI. Now I'm sharing all my secrets in a BRAND new podcast — just for you!


Leveraging AI in Animal Welfare: A Discussion with Kyle Behrend

Episode 03

In this episode of the AI for Dog Pros podcast, we move away from the dog profession to take a look at a fascinating use-case of AI in animal sanctuaries. I’m joined by Kyle Behrend, a non-profit tech strategist with over 14 years of experience. Kyle specializes in implementing systems, automations, and AI to maximize non-profit impact. Discover how making smart changes with AI can help you improve operations and stretch every dollar at your sanctuary, animal welfare organization or dog business.

What AI Really Means for SEO – with Barb McGrath

Episode 02

In today's episode, I'm chatting with Barb McGrath, an SEO expert who helps independent businesses navigate the world of SEO. Recently, Barb has become fascinated by the impact AI might have on SEO. She and I gaze into our crystal ball and discuss the world of AI, its potential for businesses, and how it might change SEO. So, take your notepads out (paper or electronic!) because this episode is a treasure trove of AI nuggets! To learn more about Barb and how she can help you, visit her website:

Why AI is a Game-changer for your Dog Business

Episode 01

In this, the very first episode of the AI for Dog Pros podcast, we explore AI's growing role in the dog industry, particularly generative AI. Tune in to discover how AI could change the professional landscape and benefit dogs' lives. Don't forget to review and share the episode, and look forward to more on AI's impact, including its use in SEO.

Meet Your Host

Julie Naismith

Hi there! I'm Julie Naismith

Dog trainer, separation anxiety geek, and online dog business entrepreneur. 

I'm passionate about the changes that AI can bring to our profession. 

I want to share my insights with you, so that you can transform your business with AI— and help more dogs. After all, helping as many dogs as we can, that's what we're all about right?

In this brand new podcast we'll explore how to:

  • Automate tedious tasks
  • Turbo-charge your marketing
  • Wow your clients with high-tech care
I'll also make sure to keep you in the loop about the warp-speed developments in the world of AI. 

Whether AI makes your brain melt or you're already all in, this podcast's got the goods for every dog pro.

Don't get left behind — AI is now, and it's the future. It's not a question of whether we use it, but how. 

Stay Tuned

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