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Episode 74

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Episode 074 / 17th December 2022

074 How To Deal With Judgy Comments and Unhelpful Advice This Festive Season

It’s that time of year: gathering with friends and family for special times and…conversations about your dog.

If you’re dreading the barrage of unsolicited tips, then tune into my latest podcast episode, where I dive into the most common bits of advice, and least helpful questions that I hear pet parents dealing with over and over again.
And for each one, I share my tips on how to handle them.

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Episode 71

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Episode 71 / 26th April 2022

71 What’s Really Going On in Your Dog’s Brain When Training Wobbles

Oh, those infuriating dips, drops, setbacks, and regression. There isn’t a dog parent out there who doesn’t go through ups and downs in separation anxiety training.The thing is, though, what we see as confounding and confusion variable progression is actually very normal. And when we understand what’s going on in a dog’s brain when they learn to be home alone, it makes begins to make so much sense.

Tune in to find out more what happens as your dog learns, and how you can use that information to improve your training.

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Episode 70

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Episode 70 / 6th April 2022

70 Relax! What We Really Mean by Relaxation in Separation Anxiety Training and Why That Matters

You might be thinking you aren’t ever going to make any progress with separation anxiety training because your dog won’t stay on her bed. Or maybe she starts on the sofa but always follows you to the door and waits there.

She needs to relax, right? Well, yes and no. We definitely need our dogs to show no anxiety when doing home alone training. But that doesn’t mean she has to stay put. Listen to find out more.

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Episode 69

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Episode 69 / 24th March 2022

069 Why We Expect Too Much of Dogs and How to Redress The Balance

So many behaviors that come naturally to dogs are problems for us humans. Think barking, chewing, jumping up, counter-surfing – you name it! No wonder dogs get confused and get it wrong. And no wonder we get frustrated.

That’s why in this episode, I’m thrilled to share an interview with Jane Robinson, Chair of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers, UK, about our expectations for dogs, and how we can make our communication with them less frustrating for all concerned.

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Episode 65

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Episode 65 / 8th January 2022

Which Way Would Dogs Vote?

No dog ever voted for being left home alone. But we can give them choice during separation anxiety training.

Let’s dive into what that choice looks like and explore tips for how to introduce choice into the separation anxiety training you do with your dog.

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Episode 64

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Episode 64 / 8th December 2021

Does It Ever Pay To Train When You/re Away From Home?

During the holidays, many of us are on the road visiting family and friends. And I’m often asked whether it’s worth training when you’re away.

That’s why in this episode I dive into the pros and cons of doing separation anxiety training away from home. If you’re traveling this festive season, tune in to find out what your best plan of action should be!

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Episode 63

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Episode 63 / 9th November 2021

Answered! Your Most Frequently Asked Questions (Part 1)

Having seen 1000s of owners go through separation anxiety training, I’ve got a pretty good sense of the most common questions people have, to say the least!

That’s why in this episode and next, I’m giving you the answers to the most frequently questions that come up.

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Episode 62

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Episode 62 / 23rd October 2021

Emergency! What to Do When You’re Left with No Choice but to Leave Your Dog

As much as I know you’re 100% committed to managing absences, what happens in an emergency? As horrible as it is to think about bad things happening is does pay to have a contingency plan should disaster strike.

In this episode, I look at how to plan for those rare occurrences where you might, just might, need to leave your dog.

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Episode 61

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Episode 61 / 17th October 2021

7 Facts About Crating That You Absoluetly Need To Know

I see way too much muddled and confusing advice about crates, and I can see that many of you struggle to get your head around whether or not to crate your dog.

To clear things up, this episode covers the seven facts about crating that you absolutely need to know.

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Episode 60

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Episode 60 / 9th October 2021

Why You Absolutely Must Leave Your Puppy Home Alone

You’ve heard the horror stories about people getting pandemic puppies only to find that their pup grows into a dog they can’t leave. You’re so scared that this will happen to your puppy that you just don’t dare leave him.

You’ve taken on board all the advice about how this is a bad strategy. But you missed the bit about how you do need to leave them – as long as you so within context of gradual home-alone training.

In this episode I’m going to show you why, if you’re worried about leaving your puppy, you don’t need to be concerned, as long as you do it safely and gently and follow a structured training plan.

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