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Episode 79

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Episode 079 / 27th January 2023

079 Percy and the Mystery of the Great Regression

I always say regressions can happen – but didn’t expect it to happen to Percy. Not after all these years!

But in summer 2022, we discovered that Percy was struggling when we left.

Percy, the dog who, we thought, had left home-alone anxiety behind him, was now barking when we were out.

In this episode, I dive into what exactly was going on. How it was such a relief when I worked it out. And what I did to get Percy back on track.

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Episode 78

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Episode 078 / 20th January 2023

078 Why it’s Not Your Fault – Or Your Dog’s Fault Either

You may have heard me say that your dog’s separation anxiety is not your fault. You didn’t cause your dog’s home alone issues.

I’ve been where you are and I know how much judgment you have to deal with, and how much guilt you can end up having when you have a dog with SA.

But it’s not your dog‘s fault either.

That’s why, in this episode, I explain what‘s really going on with your dog, and why he or she is not trying to turn your world upside down. He can’t help how he feels and just wants you to help him feel better when you leave.

Tune in to find out more.

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Episode 77

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Episode 077 / 13th January 2023

077 Can “Calming” Music Really Soothe Your Anxious Dog?

You’ve most likely seen ads or posts about “calming” music for dogs, and how it can transform a nervous pup into a dog who confidently aces alone time. But is this really the case, or is this yet another separation anxiety myth?
There’s lots of misinformation about using music (and TV and other noise for that matter).

That’s why in this episode, I dive into the topic of music: when to use it, how it can help, and what it can really do for your home alone dog.

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Episode 76

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Episode 076 / 6th January 2023

076 Why Board and Train is Such Bad News for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

It can seem like an obvious solution to your dog’s separation anxiety: send your dog off to a trainer for two weeks and get his separation anxiety magically cured.

As tempting as it sounds, board and train is never the answer to separation anxiety. In this podcast episode, I explain exactly why.

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Episode 75

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Episode 075 / 23rd December 2022

075 The Truth About Whether Your Anxiety Caused Your Dog’s Anxiety

Anxious people create anxiety in their dogs, don’t they? Perhaps you’ve been told that. Perhaps you’ve thought that. It seems so plausible that it must be true, right? Well, not so fast. There isn’t a ton of evidence, especially as it relates to separation anxiety.

That’s why in this podcast I debunk this theory, and explain why it’s unhelpful, limited thinking. Tune in to find out more.

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Episode 74

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Episode 074 / 17th December 2022

074 How To Deal With Judgy Comments and Unhelpful Advice This Festive Season

It’s that time of year: gathering with friends and family for special times and…conversations about your dog.

If you’re dreading the barrage of unsolicited tips, then tune into my latest podcast episode, where I dive into the most common bits of advice, and least helpful questions that I hear pet parents dealing with over and over again.
And for each one, I share my tips on how to handle them.

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Episode 73

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Episode 73 / 1st July 2022

73 Planning a Summer Getaway? Here’s What You Might Be Asking

Are you looking ahead to the next few months and wondering how travel, holidays, or vacations might affect your dog’s separation anxiety?

If so, then check out the answers to the top 5 questions that I get asked every summer about how a break will affect your dog, their condition, and their separation anxiety training.

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Episode 72

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Episode 72 / 17th June 2022

72 How To Stop the Feeling that Training is Taking Over Your Life

Does it sometimes feel like separation anxiety training is taking over your life? So much so that you sometimes feel like it’s all you do?

If this sounds like you then check-out my super practical tips for making separation anxiety training fit your life, not be your whole life.

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Episode 71

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Episode 71 / 26th April 2022

71 What’s Really Going On in Your Dog’s Brain When Training Wobbles

Oh, those infuriating dips, drops, setbacks, and regression. There isn’t a dog parent out there who doesn’t go through ups and downs in separation anxiety training.The thing is, though, what we see as confounding and confusion variable progression is actually very normal. And when we understand what’s going on in a dog’s brain when they learn to be home alone, it makes begins to make so much sense.

Tune in to find out more what happens as your dog learns, and how you can use that information to improve your training.

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Episode 70

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Episode 70 / 6th April 2022

70 Relax! What We Really Mean by Relaxation in Separation Anxiety Training and Why That Matters

You might be thinking you aren’t ever going to make any progress with separation anxiety training because your dog won’t stay on her bed. Or maybe she starts on the sofa but always follows you to the door and waits there.

She needs to relax, right? Well, yes and no. We definitely need our dogs to show no anxiety when doing home alone training. But that doesn’t mean she has to stay put. Listen to find out more.

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