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Episode 102

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Episode 102 / 21st December 2023

102 Navigating Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety Through the Holiday Season

Are you uncertain about how the holiday season will impact your dog’s separation anxiety? In this latest podcast episode, we address the common concerns and questions surrounding separation anxiety during this time of year.

We’re diving into the potential effects of holiday routines and we’ll look at practical advice on whether to continue training during this period.

Learn how to manage your dog’s separation anxiety during holiday travels and get tips on what to expect if you take a break from training.

Embrace the upcoming holiday season with confidence and look forward to a motivated start in January. Tune in for all my insights and tips.

Meanwhile, if you’re ready to make 2024 the year you smash separation anxiety, join the waitlist for my private membership, Separation Anxiety Heroes.

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Episode 101

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Episode 101 / 5th November 2023

101 Separation Anxiety and the House Training Conundrum with Kathleen McClure

Struggling with a dog who soils the house? Not sure whether it’s anxiety or a house training issue? . Well, if this is your dog, you don’t need me to tell you how frustrating it is.

That’s why, in this episode I’m joined by Kathleen McClure, a Certified SA Pro who also has a partcular focus on house training.

Kathleen and I had a fascinating conversation about dogs who go in the house.

Here are 5 key takeaways:

1. What the difference is between house training issues related to anxiety and those that aren’t.

2. The importance of reinforcement and creating positive associations for desired behaviors, and why house training is no exception.

3. How to prevent future accidents and manage your dog’s behavior to set them up for success.

4. How to change your dog’s emotions and reduce fear if they only have accidents when you’re away.

5. Why some dogs may avoid eliminating in front of their owners if they feel scared or unsafe.

So, whether you’re battling separation anxiety or struggling with house training, join me and Kathleen as we dive into expert strategies that will transform your dog’s behavior.

To find out more about Kathleen and how she can help you, check out Kathleen’s self-paced online course and one-on-one coaching to get the personalized support you need on your dog’s journey to house training success. You can get more info at:

For information on how to work with me, click here.

To get a copy of my bestselling book, click here.

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Episode 100

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Episode 100/ 21st Oct 2023

100 Ten Things I’d Tell My Younger Self About My Dog’s Separation Anxiety

IImagine being able to send a letter to your past self, filled with wisdom and advice about the challenging road ahead with a dog who has separation anxiety..

Today, I’m doing just that. I’ll share the 10 key lessons that I wish I knew 13 years ago, from the emotional ups and downs to the importance of ignoring opinions and seeking expert advice.

For information on how I can help you, visit my website:

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Episode 099

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Episode 099/ 13th Oct 2023

099 Is There Actually a Cure for Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

Is it possible to fully and finally get dogs over this condition such that they have a normal response to being left alone—a permanent change that we might describe as a cure?.

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Episode 098

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Episode 098/ 29th July 2023

098 The Two Minute Rule: Your Secret Weapon Against Training Procrastination

If you’ve ever put off separation anxiety training, you are definitely not alone. Procrastination in training is such a common issue. Human brains are naturally inclined to seek immediate rewards, and a session of separation training definitely doesn’t deliver that. It’s all about long-term pay back.

No wonder then, that it can be easy to put training off.

But there’s a nifty hack I want to share with you, that will help you bust procrastination. It’s called the Two Minute Rule.

And no, it’s in no way related to how long food is safe on the floor after being dropped.

This rule is all about setting a 2-minute limit for a task. It might seem weird, but doing this surprisingly motivates us to continue beyond that short time limit.

And in this episode, we delve into the science behind procrastination, how the Two Minute Rule generates a sense of accomplishment, and how it can help you get started when you’d rather do anything else but separation anxiety training.

Remember, separation anxiety training isn’t about instant gratification. It’s a long-term investment for your dog’s wellbeing (and your wellbeing too!). Which is why I love the Two Minute Rule: it helps us manage our motivation for training sessions and conquer feelings of procrastination.

So, if you’ve been putting off training, tune in and discover the power of the Two Minute Rule to overcome your training hurdles.

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Episode 097

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Episode 097/ 21st July 2023

097 Separation Anxiety: Revealing the Truth Behind Social Media Misinformation

In today’s episode, we’re diving deep into the world of social media and its impact on our understanding of separation anxiety in dogs.

We’ll explore the myths, misconceptions, and misinformation that often circulate online, and how they can confuse and derail us when trying to help our pups.

From miracle cures to blaming owners for their dogs’ anxiety, we’ll debunk at the big social media myths, and I’ll share what the real truth actually is.

We’ll also discuss the importance of being critical consumers of information, especially when it comes to our dogs’ health and wellbeing.

So, whether you’re scrolling through TikTok, Instagram, or Threads, join me as I share my tips for navigating the digital landscape to find information on separation anxiety you can truly trust.

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Episode 096

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Episode 096 / 16th July 2023

096 Is Separation Anxiety Training Actually Futile? No. Here’s Why

Ever wondered if all the separation anxiety training you do is actually worth it? Well, that very topic came up during a recent group coaching Zoom with my Separation Anxiety Heroes members.

And it made me think: is separation anxiety training actually ever a waste of time?

Well, I’m passionate that it is a worthwhile endeavor. Admittedly, while the gradual exposure method works for most dogs, there are some dogs that do not respond to this type of training and never recover from separation anxiety.

However, even for these dogs, training is not futile. That’s why in this episode I set out the three big reasons why you aren’t wasting your time. And why it does pay to give separation anxiety training your best shot.

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Episode 095

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Episode 095 / 23rd June 2023

095 A Hard Truth: Why Not Leaving Your Dog Is Ridiculously Tough, But Absolutely Necessary

One of the hardest things I ever have to tell anyone is that to get their dog over separation anxiety, they need to find ways not to leave their dog in the meantime.

It never goes down well.

And I get that. I mean, when you get a dog the last thing you sign up for is not even being able to go out to get a pint of milk without your dog howling down the house.

But the thing is, in order for the gold standard separation anxiety treatment (gradual exposure) to work, we have to stop dogs having exposure to scary alone time.

I do get how impossibly hard this can be, though. I wouldn’t suggest it if there were any other way.

That’s why, in this latest episode, I explain why we need to do this. And I dive into what you might do if you’re struggling to get your head round this crazy concept.

Tune in to find out more.

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Episode 094

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Episode 094/ 2nd June 2023

094 Understanding the Problems with Punishment: An Interview with Dr. Karolina Westlund.

On this episode of Be Right Back! Separation Anxiety Podcast, I get to chat to the brilliant Dr. Karolina Westlund, a huge name in the world of animal behaviour.

Our focus? The use of punitive approaches in dog training, and in particular the problems associated with punishment. Karolina has identified 20 major pitfalls linked to punishment (she says there are likely even more!), and, in our discussion, she highlights some of the key issues.

If you like the science of animal behaviour, and love a geek out, you’ll be hooked by this one!

To dive into Karolina’s blog, click here.

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Episode 093

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Episode 093 / 19th May 2023

093 Beyond Obedience: Teaching Your Dog How to Feel Safe in a Daunting World

Join me in the latest episode of “Be Right Back! Separation Anxiety Podcast”, where I explain the single most important lesson we can teach our dogs: that they are safe.

In the episode, we also look at how to keep dogs safe, and why must prioritize our dog’s emotional well-being above all else.

We’ll explore why the use of unethical, aversive training tools exploits a dog’s need to be safe, and dissect why these tools can be so damaging.

We’ll also dive into how understanding dog body language is crucial in identifying dogs’ discomfort or fear.

If you’re keen on creating a secure and fear-free world for your dog (and I know you are), this episode is a must-listen!

Got a dog who’s scared of being alone? I can help! Check out my free guide.

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