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Episode 02

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Episode 02 / 24th October 2018

Revealed: Why you Didn’t Actually Cause your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Did you ever hear the one about how you caused your dog’s separation anxiety? If you did, do know that it’s simply not>

In this episode, I’ll tell you about what we do know about the causes of separation anxiety. I’ll also dive into how you can be the one to take control of your dog’s recovery.

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Episode 01

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Episode 01 / 23rd October 2018

How to React When the Separation Anxiety Bombshell Drops

How did you react when you first found out your dog had separation anxiety? Were you devastated, in denial or prompted to take action?br>

Finding out your dog has such a challenging condition is tough! But no matter how you find you can take immediate action.

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Be Right Back Podcast

Episode: Bonus

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Episode Bonus / 26th February 2020

Dog Professionals, Could There Actually Be Some “Easy” Aspects To Separation Anxiety Training?

“Separation anxiety training easy? Is she out of her mind?” Okay, to be clear I’m not saying that separation anxiety cases are easy – far from it!

It’s just that there are some unique aspects to separation anxiety training that are pluses, and which can make the training less daunting and more effective.

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Be Right Back Podcast

Episode: Bonus

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Episode Bonus / 18th February 2020

Calling All Dog Professionals! Why Do Separation Anxiety Cases Seem So Hard To Resolve?

In this special bonus episode recorded for professionals like you, I want to dive into whether they are really any harder to resolve than other cases.

And I’ll set out what I think we can do to change this view.

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