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Be Right Back

Episode 32

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Episode 32 / 31st January 2020

5 Steps To Helping Your New Rescue Get Over His Fear Of Being Alone

Have you adopted a dog only to find that they aren’t settling in quite as you’d hoped?

If so, this episode is for you as I’m going to share my 5 recommended steps for getting a rescue dog over their fear of being alone in their new home.

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Episode 31

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Episode 31 / 24th January 2020

What’s The ONE Thing That Makes All The Difference to Separation Anxiety Recovery?

Consistency is crucial to getting your dog over separation anxiety – consistency. Interestingly though, most of us often overlook consistency, instead focusing on absolute duration.

Learn more about why predictablity is so critical and how you can ensure your training delivers consistency.

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Episode 30

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Episode 30 / 3rd January 2020

Why Some Solutions That Seem to Work Aren’t Actually Working for Your Dog

Let’s look at why some so-called solutions might not be working for you, and why, if we asked your dog, your dog would say they definitely don’t work for them.

I’ll also explain the kind, humane solution that does work and is dog-approved!

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Episode 29

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Episode 29 / 6th December 2019

Why Is There so Much Owner Guilt? (name on libsyn) on website called How To Beat The Guilt That Comes With Owning A Dog With SEparation Anxiety

There are so many ways in which owners whose dogs have separation anxiety have to deal with guilt.

And in this episode we’re going to look at those guilty feelings and I’ll going to share my tips for helping you feel less guilty (even though that might seem hard!).

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Episode 28

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Episode 28 / 26th November 2019

Why I Committed to Writing a Book (Even ThoughI knew It Would Take Over My Life!)

Writing my book, Be Right Back! was a labour of love and it comes from the heart.

I want to share with you the story of how the book came about, and how the book get help you get your dog over separation anxiety.

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Episode 27

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Episode 27 / 20th September 2019

Tips For Moving House When Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

Moving house is hard enough but when your dog has separation anxiety it becomes a whole new level of difficult.

In this episode I’ll help you make your move go smoothly, whether you’ve already moved or are thinking about moving.

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Episode 26

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Episode 26 / 6th September 2019

Pro Tips for Helping Your Puppy Be Happy Home Alone

Instead of just assuming that your puppy is going to be okay when you leave, you need to teach your puppy home alone skills, just as you would teach them house training or leash walking.

If you have a new puppy, or are thinking about getting one, tune in to find out how to help him or her to be happy on when left.

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Episode 25

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Episode 25 / 6th August 2019

The Truth About Whether Dogs Ever Really Just Get Over It

“You just need to let your dog get over it.” I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this one:

That’s why in this episode we’re looking at whether dogs can “just get over” their separation anxiety. And for those situations where owners swear this worked dogs what exactly might be going on.

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Episode 24

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Episode 24 / 6th August 2019

What You Need to Know to Actually Fix Separation Anxiety

In Part 2 of our training focus, we’re diving deep into the exact steps you need to follow if you want to get your dog over separation anxiety.

We look at how training is modeled on the phobia treatment we use for humans. And we talk about why using a training plan and being clear about criteria are critical to success.

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Episode 23

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Episode 23 / 23rd July 2019

Why Everything You’ve Tried Has Failed And What Will Actually Work Instead

Today’s episode is part 1 of a 2 part series looking at why everything you’ve tried to fix separation anxiety hasn’t worked.

Part 1 looks at why you might have tried things that just haven’t worked out.

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