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Gabriella Szép


My mission is to ensure the owners experience the joy of cooperation and stress-free life with their dogs purely through positive reinforcement, without punishment or using any aversive methods. Therefore, as conscious owners they have a well-behaved, confident and reliable companion who they understand and can confidently leave home alone, or go anywhere with them without worrying about their behaviour. Every dog and owner and their relationship is different – facing several problems they don’t know how to handle. Providing useful advices and results to any kind of behavioral issues requires experience and knowledge. Continuous learning and development as a professional dog trainer is essential, thus I have completed several in person and online courses, and now I am proud to belong to Separation Anxiety Pro Certified Trainers as well. I passionately help owners who struggle with daily frustration and stress due to the behaviour of their dogs and don’t know what to do, how to train and raise their dogs the best possible way, fulfilling their needs. I provide step-by-step training, personalized advices tailored to their lives, in order to develop clear communication between dog and owner, so that they can enjoy the time spent together and live a harmonious life. I help overcoming separation anxiety in the form of one-on-one online sessions, so that I can give all my attention and we can move towards the desired results as efficiently as possible.

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