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Clara Jaime Koh


Clara is very devoted to the study of canine behaviour and strongly believes that the key to preventing most dog-related behaviour problems is to build a lifelong and solid training foundation without the use of physical force or psychological intimidation. She hopes to impart essential training skills and strengthen the bond between every dog and owner she meets.

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Sara Scott


Dog aggression and behavior specialist, Sara Scott has been training dogs professionally in the San Francisco Bay Area and worldwide since 2000 and comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience that can only be gained through time and dedication to the art and science of dog behavior and training. She is deeply educated in the dog training and behaviour field and brings her knowledge to application with great insight, grace and compassion for both species, human and dog. Sara had been seeing and treating separation anxiety cases for 20 years, way back when and before we even had access to modern technology such as webcams. Her robust history of treating and resolving separation anxiety cases means you’ll get the results you’re after with minimal headache for both you and your dog. As an advocate for humane dog training techniques, Sara strives to help educate her clients and the greater community on evidence-based dog training practices and has published her writings in both Bay Woof and APDT’s Chronicle of the Dog. “Reach out – I’d love to help you reach your training goals! 🐶”

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