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Episode 085

By March 15, 2023January 22nd, 2024Be Right Back

Episode 085

085 What to Do When Your Dog Can’t Be Alone, But Can’t Be Around Dogs or People Either – with Jennifer Pratt

Having a dog who can't be left is hard enough. But for some dogs, being around strange people or dogs is also a challenge.

When this happens, it can feel like your options for managing alone-time are almost non-existent.

But there are strategies you can employ to make this work for you. If you're feeling like there's no hope for you and your dog, make sure you give this episode a listen!

Show notes

In this podcast episode, I'm thrilled to be speaking with Jennifer Pratt. Jennifer is expert in both separation anxiety AND dogs who are fearful and aggressive when out in the world.

Jennifer shares her tips for working through this dilemma, using her insight not only from the many clients she's helped, but also from the learning she gained with her own dog, Mary-Lou.

Jennifer Pratt, CTC, CSAT, SA Pro, CDBC, CPDT-KA, is the founder of Wag the Dog and Company. She is a graduate of Jean Donaldson's prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers where she earned her certificate in training and counseling (CTC) and honored to be on their speaker roster for conferences and seminars.

​Jennifer is also both a Certified SA Pro Trainer, and a CSAT. So yes, she really knows her separation anxiety!
As a formally educated, multi-credentialed professional, Jennifer is trusted and referred to by veterinarians and training colleagues alike.

Jennifer is dedicated to helping guardians live the life they want to lead with their beloved companions by sharing her knowledge of how dogs learn and what really gets them motivated in life in a way that is not only effective but fun for both ends of the leash!

Links in this episode

Find out more about Jennifer by visiting her website.

Jennifer has a fabulous membership for guardians living with a fearful, reactive, or aggressive dog. Learn more here.

Lorem And Jennifer also has some wonderful content on social media. Find her on Facebook and Instagram.

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