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Episode 094

By June 2, 2023January 22nd, 2024Be Right Back

Episode 094

Understanding the Problems with Punishment: An Interview with Dr. Karolina Westlund.

On this episode of Be Right Back! Separation Anxiety Podcast, I get to chat to the brilliant Dr. Karolina Westlund, a huge name in the world of animal behaviour.

Our focus? The use of punitive approaches in dog training, and in particular the problems associated with punishment. Karolina has identified 20 major pitfalls linked to punishment (she says there are likely even more!), and, in our discussion, she highlights some of the key issues.

If you like the science of animal behaviour, and love a geek out, you'll be hooked by this one!

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To dive into Karolina's blog, click here.

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