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Episode 096

By July 16, 2023January 22nd, 2024Be Right Back

Episode 096

Is Separation Anxiety Training Actually Futile? No. Here's Why

Ever wondered if all the separation anxiety training you do is actually worth it? Well, that very topic came up during a recent group coaching Zoom with my Separation Anxiety Heroes members.

And it made me think: is separation anxiety training actually ever a waste of time?

Well, I’m passionate that it is a worthwhile endeavor. Admittedly, while the gradual exposure method works for most dogs, there are some dogs that do not respond to this type of training and never recover from separation anxiety.

However, even for these dogs, training is not futile. That’s why in this episode I set out the three big reasons why you aren’t wasting your time. And why it does pay to give separation anxiety training your best shot.

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