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Episode 098

By July 29, 2023January 22nd, 2024Be Right Back

Episode 098

The Two Minute Rule: Your Secret Weapon Against Training Procrastination

If you’ve ever put off separation anxiety training, you are definitely not alone. Procrastination in training is such a common issue. Human brains are naturally inclined to seek immediate rewards, and a session of separation training definitely doesn't deliver that. It's all about long-term pay back.

No wonder then, that it can be easy to put training off.

But there's a nifty hack I want to share with you, that will help you bust procrastination. It’s called the Two Minute Rule.

And no, it’s in no way related to how long food is safe on the floor after being dropped.

This rule is all about setting a 2-minute limit for a task. It might seem weird, but doing this surprisingly motivates us to continue beyond that short time limit.

And in this episode, we delve into the science behind procrastination, how the Two Minute Rule generates a sense of accomplishment, and how it can help you get started when you’d rather do anything else but separation anxiety training.

Remember, separation anxiety training isn't about instant gratification. It's a long-term investment for your dog’s wellbeing (and your wellbeing too!). Which is why I love the Two Minute Rule: it helps us manage our motivation for training sessions and conquer feelings of procrastination.

So, if you've been putting off training, tune in and discover the power of the Two Minute Rule to overcome your training hurdles.

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