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Episode 099

By October 14, 2023January 22nd, 2024Be Right Back

Episode 099

Is There Actually a Cure for Separation Anxiety in Dogs?

In this episode, we're diving into a topic that many of you may have considered: can we ever really cure separation anxiety?

Is it possible to fully and finally get dogs over this condition such that they have a normal response to being left alone—a permanent change that we might describe as a cure?

Well, join me as I look at what we really mean by separation anxiety recovery. I’ll explain why I think talk of curing or fixing is unhelpful. And I’ll explore the reality of recovery and ongoing management.

I'll also discuss why the return of old fears doesn't mean recovery is unattainable.

Whether you're dealing with a panicky dog or a FOMO-dog who fears missing out, this episode is packed with insights and strategies to help both you and your pup.

So grab a seat, tune in, and let’s delve in what it really means to get a dog over separation anxiety.

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