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Episode 73

By November 24, 2022Be Right Back

Episode 73

All About Dogs and Pain With Canine Rehab Expert, Sue Van Evra

Increasingly research shows the link between pain and behavior in dogs. While it’s not the only reason dog’s present with behavioral challenges, it can be a significant contributing factor.

And that’s why in the episode I chat with canine rehabilitation specialist, Sue Van Evra. Sue is the person we go to when my dogs, India and Percy, are feeling stiff and sore. She’s helped them deal with lots of different challenges including back pain, and hip soreness.

In this interview with Sue we discuss:
–How we, as dog parents, can learn to spot pain in our dogs
–What we should do when we do suspect our dogs are in pain
–How physical therapy and rehabilitation can help dogs of all ages
–What you can do if you have a dog who’s been prescribed crate-rest but who freaks when crated (Hint: the crucial word here is “rest).

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