From Overwhelmed to In Control: Mindset Makeover for Separation Anxiety Recovery

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NOV 18th @ 11am NY / 4pm UK / 5pm CET

NOV 18th @ 1pm NY / 6pm UK / 7pm CET

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Tired of your dog’s separation anxiety ruling your life? But finding that you either hold back from training or give up when the going gets tough.


If so, you are not alone. It's not just our dog's brain that needs help if we're going to get our dog over separation anxiety. All too often, our own thinking can derail our chances of success.


In this masterclass, we’re not just demystifying separation anxiety training, we’re looking at how you can change your mindset.


We’re rewriting your dog's story: from fear and worry to confidence and calm. And your story from overwhelmed to in control.

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn:


What’s Really Holding You Back...

...HINT it's not necessarily your dog. Often the stories we tell ourself are just unhelpful thoughts that do nothing but hinder us.
We'll unpack why we do this to ourselves. And how we can quiet the voice of nagging doubt in our heads.


Why Everyone Feels This Way...

...but why YOU don’t have to. Overwhelm, procrastination or just plain fear at starting the training — these are such normal feelings. We’ll look at why you feel this way, and why you need to focus on you first before you even think about training your dog.


Immediate Actions You Can Implement Today...

that will not only bring relief to your dog but also to you. Start making a difference in your dog’s life right away with these practical, easy-to-follow tips.

Stop feeling helpless about your dog’s separation anxiety


Does it seem like no matter what you do, your dog remains anxious and stressed when alone? You're not alone. Many guardians feel stuck in this challenging situation, often feeling like they’ve tried everything without success.

But there’s hope. You don't have to continue down this path of trial and error.

Learn the proven method for beating separation anxiety

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If you're on the verge of giving up, thinking that this is just how life will be, it's time for a change. Maybe you worry that your dog is different, and no solution will work.

What if you could learn from the experiences of those who’ve successfully navigated this journey? Imagine replacing despair with optimism, knowing you’re taking the right steps towards your dog's recovery.

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Meet Your Guide, Julie Naismith


I've guided countless dog owners through the process of resolving separation anxiety, and my purpose in life is to make this journey attainable for you too.

I'm a bestselling author and host of a popular dog behavior podcast. My work includes certification programs for professional dog trainers, plus a separation anxiety training app for dog parents.

But more than that, I'm a devoted dog parent, just like you, who has walked this path and emerged successfully.

Your dog’s separation anxiety doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

Let me show you a more effective way.