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You don’t always need an expensive one-on-one session with an expert trainer

…but you DO need a training plan that’s written by one. Join our private membership, Separation Anxiety Heroes, to get exclusive access to the Be Right Back! App.

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“I love the app! Takes all the guesswork out, I love having a method to follow.”

Laura S.

Based on my scientifically proven 5-step Gradual Exposure method

It’s the same method we use to treat human fears. This is where we ever so gently expose your dog to time on his own. It’s backed by science, it’s gentle, and it’s systematic.

Similar to how a running or training app might give you different exercises and targets each day based on your previous progress, the Be Right Back app will generate your custom plan for each session.This app is here to guide you day by day, step by step. It’s like having a personal Separation Anxiety trainer in your pocket.


Know Where To Start

Not sure where to start?This app will help give you a baseline.


Generate a Custom Plan

Just type in your target duration and the app will generate your custom training exercise for the day based on your previous progress.


Track Your Progress

You’ll never have to guess how many minutes your pup made it to last week or last month. Every training exercise is logged in your history.


Get social. Make training fun

The app allows you to find friends to train with, cheer them on, and get cheered back. You'll also get the motivation of rewards and badges. Who said training had to be dull?


Create Different Scenarios

Some dogs have different thresholds in the morning, day or night. Use the app to train at different times of day and track your progress.


Accessible From Any Device

Log in on your cell, tablet, or desktop.

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Just trained for the first time with the app and had to come into the group to say that I absolutely love it! Love the different scenarios, love how we get to tick a box for every step (so satisfying!) and that all the warm-up steps are counted and displayed in the history. Thanks so much Julie and team!

Inge Geleyne

That the app is brilliant and the support/advice makes you feel you aren't alone!

—Claire, Ruby's mum

The app is amazing and is so useful to for simplifying training!

—Nadia, Bella's mum

With the App you'll get …

A customized training plan for every single departure you do. No trying to fit generic plans to your dog's very individual needs.
Een handige functie voor het vastleggen en bijhouden van gegevens. Geen gedoe met ingewikkelde spreadsheets of vodjes papier. Zonder een goede administratie komt je training niet van de grond.
Motiverende grafieken, diagrammen en voortgangstrackers die je helpen om op koers te blijven - zoals een Fitbit voor verlatingsangsttraining!

Ready to stay motivated to train daily and make more progress?

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