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Episode 093

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Episode 093 / 19th May 2023

093 Beyond Obedience: Teaching Your Dog How to Feel Safe in a Daunting World

Join me in the latest episode of “Be Right Back! Separation Anxiety Podcast”, where I explain the single most important lesson we can teach our dogs: that they are safe.

In the episode, we also look at how to keep dogs safe, and why must prioritize our dog's emotional well-being above all else.

We'll explore why the use of unethical, aversive training tools exploits a dog's need to be safe, and dissect why these tools can be so damaging.

We'll also dive into how understanding dog body language is crucial in identifying dogs' discomfort or fear.

If you're keen on creating a secure and fear-free world for your dog (and I know you are), this episode is a must-listen!

Got a dog who's scared of being alone? I can help! Check out my free guide.

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Episode 092

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Episode 092 / 5th May 2023

092 Vacation and Travel Plans? What to Do When Routine Changes Affect Your Training

Planning a getaway and worried about how a routine change will impact your dog's separation anxiety, especially if you've been investing time in separation anxiety training?

In this latest episode of Be Right Back! Separation Anxiety podcast, we dive into the world of routine changes, exploring the effects of going away and taking a break from training on our pups.

Tune in to get my expert tips and strategies to help you and your dog navigate these changes with ease. Discover what to expect when you return, and how to smoothly transition back into your training routine. If you're at all worried about the challenges of balancing travel and separation anxiety training, you won't want to miss this episode.

To learn more about how to work with me, visit

For a free cheat sheet on separation anxiety training mistakes to avoid, click here.

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Episode 091

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Episode 091 / 25th April 2023

091 From Abandoned to Adored: How one Non-Profit is Helping Rescue Dogs with Separation Anxiety

Join me for an inspiring and informative episode where I interview Jenni Pfafman and Amanda Dwyer. Jenni and Amanda are on the board of the Humane Alliance of Rescue Trainers (HART) a non-profit organization that connects shelter and rescue organizations with credentialed, professional trainers.

HART's trainers donate their time to support variety of behaviour cases remotely. Their training advice provides crucial support for new adopters, increasing the chances of successful placements.

And in this interview we talk about how those trainers help adopters who've taken on a dog who can't be left alone.

Don't miss out on this discussion about how HART is changing the lives of shelter and rescue dogs and the people who love them!

Links in this episode:
Humane Alliance of Rescue Trainers

About Jenni Pfafman and Amanda Dwyer

To find out how I can help you with separation anxiety, whether you have a rescue dog or not, start with this free cheatsheet.

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Episode 090

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Episode 090 / 17th April 2023

090 How to Take the Pressure off and Prevent Training Burnout

On this episode of Be Right Back! Separation Anxiety Podcast, we're talking about training burnout.

Following on from our discussion in the last episode when we considered what to do when you want to give up, in this episode we look at how to take the pressure off if you do want to keep pushing through.

I'm going to share my 5 tips for making training feel less like a burden, less like your full-time job. And instead I show you how you can reset, so that you no longer dread training and stop hating everything about it.

If this sounds like you, make sure you tune in!

To find out more about how I can help with your dog's separation anxiety, visit my website:

And for more free training tips, download this cheat sheet.

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Episode 089

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Episode 089 / 7th April 2023

089 Does It Ever Make Sense To Give Up on Desensitization?

Desensitization is the tried and trusted method for separation anxiety. But it’s true that it can take time. It's not the most fun training process. And it doesn't work for every dog.

So is it ever right to say you’ve given it your best shot and are giving up?

Well, in this episode, I want to take you through 5 questions to help you make that decision.

I don't want you to give up because I see over and over how powerful this method can be.

But if you're feeling like you're done, I do at least want you to be certain that you're doing the right thing.

Meanwhile, if you feel like you don't want to give up, and would like more help, here are some resources for you.

Join my free Facebook support group.
Check out my membership, Separation Anxiety Heroes, where people like you are getting their dogs over separation anxiety every day.
Download my free separation anxiety training guide.

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Episode 088

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Episode 088 / 31st March 2023

088 Know Better, Do Better: Trainer Tips for Forgiving the Innocent Mistakes We All Made in the Past

Discovering that your dog has separation anxiety hits hard. One of the biggest emotions to deal with the remorse we feel for not knowing.

We beat ourselves up because we left a dog who couldn't be left. We berate ourselves for missing the signs that now seem so obvious.

But, as natural as it is to feel bad about what we did when we didn't know better, we do need to let go. Hanging on to that guilt isn't good for us. And it's not good for our dog.

That's why in this episode I'm sharing what trainers what you to know about letting go of those feelings. Inspired by the my amazing Certified Separation Anxiety Pros, I explain why it's so important to look forward, not back. And give you some tips on hos to do that.

If you want to work privately with a Certified Separation Anxiety Pr, check out the listing on my website.

And if you want to work with me, you can start by downloading this free cheat sheet.

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Episode 087

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Episode 087 / 25th March 2023

087 Want to Make Daycare Work for Your Dog? Here's How

When you have a dog with separation anxiety, you do your best to find ways not to leave them. Daycare is an obvious solution.

But the problem is, not every dog loves daycare, and not every daycare centre is right for dogs with separation anxiety.

However, at a well run daycare, dogs of all ages and personalities can benefit, including dogs with separation anxiety.

In this episode, I'm going to share my advice for what to look for in a great daycare. And I give you my tips for how to sniff out the best doggie daycares in your area.

Download the free guide to separation anxiety training here.
For more podcast episodes visit

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Episode 086

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Episode 086 / 17th March 2023

086 Smug People and their “Perfect” Dogs: How to Not Let Them Make You Feel Like a Failure

Let’s face it, people who’ve never had a dog with separation anxiety can be smug! They tell us about their “perfect” dog who “never had any issues being left.”

And they quiz us about why we “still” can't leave our dog (accompanied by yet more eye rolling).

Does this sound familiar? I'm guessing it might! If so, tune into this episode where I'll be sharing my top strategies to stop their smugness making you feeling like a failure.

For a free guide on the 6 Mistakes to Avoid when you're getting your dog over separation anxiety, click here.

To join my free Dog Separation Anxiety Support group, click here.

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Episode 085

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Episode 085 / 10th March 2023

085 What to Do When Your Dog Can’t Be Alone, But Is Dog and People Reactive Too

Having a dog who can't be left is hard enough. But for some dogs, being around strange people or dogs is also a challenge.

When this happens, it can feel like your options for managing alone-time are almost non-existent.

But there are strategies you can employ to make this work for you. If you're feeling like there's no hope for you and your dog, make sure you give this episode a listen!

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Episode 084

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Episode 084 / 3rd March 2023

084 Sophie the Romanian Rescue—Helping a Dog Who’s Scared of the World with Simon Wooler

In this episode, we're not talking about separation anxiety. Instead we're looking at how to help a dog with different fears.

Tune in to hear my interview with Simon Wooler. Simon has been working with Sophie the Romanian Rescue and her family, Rory Cellan-Jones and Diane Coyle.

It's a wonderful, heartwarming story. Not only will you love Sophie and her humans, you'll love Simon's adivce for anyone working with a fearful dog.


About Simon Wooler

Simon is a qualified trainer, certified by the Academy for Dog Trainers, one of the most rigorous dog behaviour and training programmes in the world.

He has been training dogs for the past twelve years, specialising in fear and aggression. He has worked as a volunteer trainer for Black Retriever Cross Rescue in Wiltshire.

His goal is always to help owners feel confident, in control and enjoy training their dogs because when it comes to success, having fun through the process is part of delivering a great result.

Simon came to dog training after 20 years as a sound engineer so loud barking hardly registers on his personal decibel scale. His own troubled dog, Thomson, was the motivator for seeking out effective, evidence-based training methods.

If you would like Si's help with your fearful dog, his website is You can also find Simon on Twitter, where he's shared updates on Sophie. And of course you can follow Sophie's adventures on Rory Cellan-Jones' Twitter account.

Meanwhile, back to separation anxiety. 🙂 If you have a dog with separation anxiety you can download my free guide here.

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Episode 083

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Episode 083 / 24th Feb 2023

083 4 Reasons Force-Free is the Only Choice for Separation Anxiety Training

Force-free training is kind, ethical, and highly effective. I'm passionate that it's the only way to train dogs. But I'm especially passionate that there is absolutely no other way to train dogs with separation anxiety.

In the episode I explain

Why you can't treat fear with fear
How attempting to punish out anxiety is cruel, ineffective and risky, and
Why coercive, harsh training methods can actually make a dog more anxious about being left.
Tune in to find out more.

For more information on how I can help you:

Visit my website:
Grab a copy of my book, Be Right Back!, the global bestselling book on separation anxiety.
Download my free guide to separation anxiety training.

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Episode 082

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Episode 082 / 17th Feb 2023

082 The One Critical Question You Need To Ask Each Time You Train

Gradually expose your dog to increasing amounts of alone time: That’s what I call the ‘tight' rule of separation anxiety training. It applies universally to all dogs undergoing separation anxiety training.

But underneath that universal, tight rule, lie many different ways of applying training to each dog. Yes, it's that “it depends” factor you'll keep hearing about.

I’ve worked with so many dogs, that I’ve seen countless “it depends!”

Overall, though, it comes back one simple question: does a particular factor make things better or worse for any one dog?

It's a crucial question to ask.

Essentially, we're working out whether something makes training more or less achievable for your dog.

And that's why, in this podcast, I explain this concept (in dog trainer-speak we might talk about “setting events” or “antecedents”). But more importantly, I tell you how to apply this thinking to your dog, and your training, so that you increase your chances of success.

Learn more about separation anxiety training

Podcast episode on cues

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Episode 081

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Episode 081 / 10th Feb 2023

081 Motivation: 7 Easy Tips to Help You Regain Your Training Mojo

By the time we get to February it can be easy to feel flat about all the good intentions we had in January, can't it?

Maybe you set yourself goals to start separation anxiety training with your dog, but somehow never did.

Or perhaps you got off to the races only to find life got in they way.

If this sounds like you, then make sure to tune into this episode all about motivation.

I'll be sharing my 7 top tips to help you get back into the training groove (or to get started if you stalled!)

The tips are easy, simple, and quick to do. After all, the last thing you need, when you have a dog with separation anxiety, is more overwhelm!

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Episode 80

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Episode 080 / 3rd Feb 2023

080 What Do We Really Mean by ”Evidence“ and Why Does That Matter?

We here a lot about “evidence” in dog training. But do we always know what we mean when we describe an approach as being “evidence-based”?

And what about research and studies? We know these matter but we also know that there isn't a study for every single thing we do in dog training.

Sometimes that’s a problem. Sometimes it’s not.

And in this episode I dive into what we mean by evidence-based, how prior probability plays a part, and where the burden of proof lies when making a claim about a dog training method.

Learn more at

Links mentioned

Sketpvet blog

Summary of research on separation anxiety (1)

Summary of research on separation anxiety (2)

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Episode 79

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Episode 079 / 27th January 2023

079 Percy and the Mystery of the Great Regression

I always say regressions can happen – but didn’t expect it to happen to Percy. Not after all these years!

But in summer 2022, we discovered that Percy was struggling when we left.

Percy, the dog who, we thought, had left home-alone anxiety behind him, was now barking when we were out.

In this episode, I dive into what exactly was going on. How it was such a relief when I worked it out. And what I did to get Percy back on track.

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Episode 78

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Episode 078 / 20th January 2023

078 Why it’s Not Your Fault – Or Your Dog’s Fault Either

You may have heard me say that your dog’s separation anxiety is not your fault. You didn’t cause your dog’s home alone issues.

I’ve been where you are and I know how much judgment you have to deal with, and how much guilt you can end up having when you have a dog with SA.

But it's not your dog‘s fault either.

That’s why, in this episode, I explain what‘s really going on with your dog, and why he or she is not trying to turn your world upside down. He can’t help how he feels and just wants you to help him feel better when you leave.

Tune in to find out more.

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Episode 77

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Episode 077 / 13th January 2023

077 Can “Calming” Music Really Soothe Your Anxious Dog?

You’ve most likely seen ads or posts about “calming” music for dogs, and how it can transform a nervous pup into a dog who confidently aces alone time. But is this really the case, or is this yet another separation anxiety myth?
There’s lots of misinformation about using music (and TV and other noise for that matter).

That’s why in this episode, I dive into the topic of music: when to use it, how it can help, and what it can really do for your home alone dog.

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Episode 76

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Episode 076 / 6th January 2023

076 Why Board and Train is Such Bad News for Dogs with Separation Anxiety

It can seem like an obvious solution to your dog’s separation anxiety: send your dog off to a trainer for two weeks and get his separation anxiety magically cured.

As tempting as it sounds, board and train is never the answer to separation anxiety. In this podcast episode, I explain exactly why.

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Episode 75

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Episode 075 / 23rd December 2022

075 The Truth About Whether Your Anxiety Caused Your Dog's Anxiety

Anxious people create anxiety in their dogs, don't they? Perhaps you've been told that. Perhaps you've thought that. It seems so plausible that it must be true, right? Well, not so fast. There isn't a ton of evidence, especially as it relates to separation anxiety.

That's why in this podcast I debunk this theory, and explain why it's unhelpful, limited thinking. Tune in to find out more.

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Episode 74

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Episode 074 / 17th December 2022

074 How To Deal With Judgy Comments and Unhelpful Advice This Festive Season

It’s that time of year: gathering with friends and family for special times and…conversations about your dog.

If you’re dreading the barrage of unsolicited tips, then tune into my latest podcast episode, where I dive into the most common bits of advice, and least helpful questions that I hear pet parents dealing with over and over again.
And for each one, I share my tips on how to handle them.

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