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Episode 58

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Episode 58 / 25th September 2021

It Happens to Trainers Too!

In this episode I'm chatting to Certified SA Pro Trainers, Beth Berkobien and Jo Sellers, about their own dogs' journeys with separation anxiety.

They share their stories and give you some trainers tips for how best you can navigate the separation anxiety journey.

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Episode 57

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Episode 57 / 18th September 2021

When Myths Become Truths

There are so many separation anxiety myths out there and too many people talk about myths as if there were facts.

But how do myths become truths? And how on earth can you know what to believe when it comes to separation anxiety training advice Tune into this episode to find out!

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Episode 56

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Episode 56 / 11th September 2021

Can You Ever Really Convince A Skeptical Other Half?

Has your dog's separation anxiety been the cause of a few tense moments between you and your other half?

If this sounds familiar, then tune into this episode where I share my tips for doing separation anxiety training the right way even if your partner isn't bought into the training method.

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Episode 55

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Episode 55 / 4th September 2021

The 7 Common Separation Anxiety Training Errors-And What You Can Learn From Them

Separation anxiety training takes effort and it takes time. And there are a fair few mistakes that are easy to commit and which make training all the harder.

That's why, in the episode, I spill the beans on the errors that I see people make over and over. I'll also share my tips and tricks to help you avoid these, and so ensuring your training far more efficient and much less painful!

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Episode 54

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Episode 54 / 8th January 2021

Why You Need To Know What's Normal For Your Dog

When we're deep into separation anxiety training we get really good at observing our dogs when they are alone.

But in order to understand what's going on when doing departure training, we have to know what's normal for our dogs. Tune into this episode for tips on reading your dog in all sorts of situations.

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Episode 53

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Episode 53 / 23rd December 2020

A Guide to the Technology You Need for Training

Separation anxiety training has been revolutionized by video technology, in particular being able to watch your dog remotely.

In this episode I explain why tech matters and I guide you through your options, fancy and not-so-fancy. There's an option for every budget and it needn't be daunting.

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Episode 52

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Episode 52 / 9th December 2020

Could Training Be Making Your Dog Worse?

It might not make much sense – you train, and train, and train, but your dog's anxiety seems to be getting worse not better.

Well, it can happen. But it is totally avoidable.
So, if you think separation anxiety training is actually making your dog clingier and more on edge tune in to find out what to do.

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Episode 51

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Episode 51 / 1st December 2020

Why You Don't Need to Worry About Your Dog Sleeping On Your Bed

If you're feeling guilty or concerned about your dog sleeping on your bed because there really is no evidence that this cause separation anxiety. And in fact, suddenly forcing your dog to sleep elsewhere could make things worse.

Check out this episode where I explain exactly why.

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Episode 50

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Episode 50 / 24th november 2020

Using Food in Separation Anxiety Training? Here's Why That's Not Working

You’ve probably been told that leaving a puzzle feeder stuffed with goodness will stop your dog freaking out when you’re not home. Sadly this advice is often misguided, and doesn’t work for most dogs.

In this podcast I explain why food fails. But I’ll also give you a specific example where food can be useful.

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Episode 49

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Episode 49 / 17th november 2020

The 5 Types of Guilt All Owners Feel-And HOw to Stop Feeling That Way

As if having a dog with separation anxiety isn't hard enough, most owners also deal with a ton of guilt about their dog's condition. I know I did!

In today's episode I examine the types of guilt I see most commonly. And I share tips on how to deal with those feelings so that you can focus your energy on what matters – getting your dog over this.

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Episode 48

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Episode 48 / 11th November 2020

Two Dogs or More? What to do When Your Non-Anxious Dog is the Trigger

Having more than one dog can be bliss. But if you have a dog with separation anxiety it can be chaos, especially when the non-anxious dog barks at the world outside and immediately sets off your anxious dog.

In this episode, I explain how you can train your dog to overcome separation anxiety despite attempts by your other dogs to sabotage the process!

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Episode 47

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Episode 47 / 27th October 2020

How to Not Feel Deflated When Meds Don't Work

Anxiety medications can make a huge difference to separation anxiety training. But not in every case. That means we can easily get our hopes up only to find that our dog is one of those cases.

If this is you and your dog, tune into this episode to find out why meds might not be working and what you can do if they don't.

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Episode 46

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Episode 46 / 20th October 2020

Why Does Your Training Seem So Up and Down?

It can definitely seem like dogs are all over the map with their ability to cope alone. Some days they ace training. Other days they fall apart.

But just why do they do this? And what, if anything, can you do to smooth things out?

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Episode 45

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Episode 45 / 14th October 2020

5 Tips for When You Feel Like Quitting Training

Separation anxiety training is hard, unrewarding, and definitely not the most fun thing you'll ever do with your dog. Everyone at some point wants to give up.

But before you do throw in the towel, check out my 5 tips for helping you get back on track.

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Episode 44

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Episode 44 / 22nd August 2020

Is Separation Anxiety Training Acutally Unethical? NO. Here's why.

I've heard some chatter recently that separation anxiety training is unethical and inhumane. But people have to go out. Dogs need to be able to cope with that.

What is actually unethical is NOT giving them the skills they need to be okay with inevitable alone time. Tune in to find out more.

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Episode 43

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Episode 43 / 14th August 2020

Why I'm So Passionately For AND Against Crates

It can seem really confusing when your dog will sleep all night in a crate but when you try to leave your dog in a crate when you go out he loses it.

But how can we work out when it's right to use a crate and what do we do when crating goes wrong? Listen to find out.

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Episode 42

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Episode 42 / 11th June 2020

Making Your Dog Happy-Why it Matters and How Science Shows Us What to do

Should we worry about our dog’s happiness? Yes! Can we improve their lives and make them happier? Absolutely we can.

And in this episode, I’m joined by Dr. Zazie Todd, Author of Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy.

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Episode 41

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Episode 41 / 28th May 2020

Not One, but TWO dogs with SA-How Jen Struggled, Managed and Succeeded

In this podcast, I interview Jen Sadler, the owner of Gus, the amazing Shih Tzu Tibetan Spaniel cross. Jen's hard work helped Gus triumph over his separation anxiety.

Their journey was not a short one. But after the span of a year, and despite the adoption of another dog with separation anxiety (!), the whole family is now in a very happy place.

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Episode 40

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Episode 40 / 15th May 2020

Fetch! (It's Time to Set the Record Straight)

Fetch gets such bad press. It’s all too often billed as an activity that does nothing but gets dogs amped-up and stressed-out. There is no evidence to support this.

In fact, we do have volumes of evidence that not providing animals with access to activities they are genetically wired to do (like fetch) is bad for their anxiety.

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Episode 39

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Episode 39 / 9th May 2020

5 Big Separation Anxiety Lockdown Myths

It's almost impossible to avoid not having a read an article or seen something on the news telling you your dog will absolutely lose it when you go back to work.

The thing is, this might not be the case. As ever with dogs, there's lots of misinformation and plenty of myths. That's why, this week, I bust the Big 5 Separation Anxiety Lockdown Myths.

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