Are You ACTUALLY Ready to Tackle Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

Like really ready?

You’ve tried everything to help your dog's separation anxiety, but nothing seems to stick. Before trying yet another solution, take our 2-minute quiz to find out if YOU have what it takes to make this time a success.

This expert-designed assessment will:

  • Focus on you (not your dog)
  • Evaluate your support system and mindset for handling separation anxiety
  • Identify potential gaps in your knowledge or approach
  • Provide a 100% personalized, practical, and realistic action plan for YOU to set the stage for successful training.

“I was like ‘Erm, yes, course I'm ready’ But this quiz showed me maybe I wasn't as set up as I thought I was! And gave me great tips too.” Allyson, Stewie's mum

How It Works

  1. Take the quick 2-minute, 15-question quiz
  2. Get your personalized readiness score and recommendations
  3. Start preparing for training with confidence, knowing you're setting yourself up for success

It's easy to think, “Of course I'm ready, don't be stupid“ But successfully resolving separation anxiety isn't just about your dog - it's about you, too. This quiz is designed to help, not judge. Whether you have already started training, or whether you’ve yet to take the plunge, or have some doubts, your responses will guide the next steps perfect for your situation.

In this quiz we’ll assess...


How much you actually know about separation anxiety training

How well do you really understand how separation anxiety training works? Are you doing the right things or maybe winging it...just a little.


Whether you’ve got the right mindset to smash this

It's not just about making sure your dog's in the right frame of mind. How you think, how you act, and how YOU rise to the challenge are just as important – if not more so!


If you’ve got the right support network around you

Because having people who get you, who get your dog, and who get separation anxiety is vital! Let's test the strength of your network.


Keep up the momentum with another day of guided Door is a Bore™️  training.

Hi there, I’m Julie!


...author of the bestselling Be Right Back! series of books, host of the top-rated Be Right Back! podcast, developer of the unique separation anxiety training app, and creator of this assessment quiz.

I'm passionate that having a dog with separation anxiety is hard enough without the training having to be overwhelming too.

I've worked with 1,000s of guardians. And I've seen firsthand how your mindset, the strength of your support system, and how you approach training make all the difference in overcoming separation anxiety.

That's why I designed this quiz - to share those key insights with you, so you can prepare yourself to guide your dog to success.

I can't promise the training process will always be easy. But I can promise you'll be equipped with an action plan to avoid the common pitfalls that sabotage recovery.

There are no guarantees when it comes to separation anxiety recovery. And I’m definitely not going to suggest that just by you having the right mindset, or understanding how the training actually works, boom, your dog will automagically get over this condition.

But I can guarantee that you’ll see the recovery process very differently once you‘ve done this quiz. Less overwhelm. More purpose.

Ready to get started? Take the first step toward conquering separation anxiety with confidence:

Here’s what you might be wondering...

No, because this quiz is all about you, not your dog. I've seen 1,000s of people go through separation anxiety training, and I know that it takes for guardians to be successful.

That's why I created this quiz: to see how you measure up and what steps you can take to improve your chances of success.