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Agnieszka (Agnes) Strzechowska

My work is my passion, my love, my puzzle to analysis because each Dog is unique and special.

The Dog communicates by behaviour, body language, play, brain work etc. All those pieces give Us many combinations to find THAT right place for THAT piece to understand his/her personality. This is the most powerful and important knowledge to have. By knowing it, we can concentrate on adjusting the training plan to his/her personality.

I love analyzing and asking plenty of questions, sometimes it is a chat with the dog “Why do you do it? What are you trying to tell me? ” Soon after, the eyes/body language starts speaking to me. Sometimes, I feel like a channel between the dog and its owner to help them to understand each other.

I love seeing the Owner’s happiness & confidence after a few sessions with me. How proud they are because they could understand their own dog. That sparkle in their eyes melts my heart. The priceless moment for me is the last day of training. Unforgettable feelings to see the bond, the relationship, confidence & pride between them. That moment, where my puzzle is finished and the picture shows “The Bond with the Dog” is completed.

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