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Alexandra Malone

I've always had a passion for improving animal welfare by helping humans learning to train more effectively! I have conducted empirical research focused on the human/animal bond and its impact on both owners and pets during graduate school and my philosophy is that through better training and improved human/dog relationships, the number of animals relinquished to shelters will be significantly reduced!

Since starting my professional career in dog training my interest has been in separation-related problem behaviors commonly known as separation anxiety. I offer fear-free separation anxiety training that focuses on pet communication, socialization, and science-based behavioral theory. In addition to be a SA Pro certified trainer, I am a certified professional dog trainer, a fear-free certified trainer, and an Elite Fear Free Certified Professional. I have many years of experience (in various capacities within the animal world, from a veterinary nurse to boarding manager, to certified dog trainer) in supporting pet owners making the needed changes in their pet’s habits. My passion and focus for the past three years have been learning all I can about canine separation anxiety-related behaviors. I have attended seminars in the subject matter and I have trained under the mentoring of one of the world's leading experts in Separation Anxiety. I maintain my education up to date so I can provide the quality all dogs and owners deserve. My goal is to help as many owners and dogs as I can overcome the debilitating fear that makes home departures impossible and turns otherwise great dogs into fearful, unhappy dogs.

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