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Anaïs Dethou

Hi! I'm a French behavior consultant and I specialize in SA and rescue dogs. My goal is to support and help guardians who struggle with their dog's SA. Many dogs end up or are stuck in shelters because of SA, and I'd like to make a change. I also love doing prevention with puppies and newly adopted dogs for them to be comfortable from the start with alone time. I know how hard it can be to live with an SA dog. That’s why coaching humans is a crucial part of my job. It is very important for me to support guardians in the SA journey – the ups, the downs, the doubts and the final freedom! Working as a team and helping guardians reach their goals is what I’m really passionate about. Supporting dogs’ AND humans’ mental health and well-being is the reason why I love working with SA cases. I only use positive reinforcement and science-based methods. I live in France and help French-speaking and English-speaking people all around the world! Do not hesitate to contact me for more info.

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