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Ann Corcoran

I have over 10 years of experience working with dogs with many different behavioural issues. One of my own dogs began to display severe separation anxiety prior to moving home. This led to my desire to specialise in separation anxiety issues, and wanting to understand from a scientific point of view how I could not only help my own dog but other dogs out there! Being a SA PRO Trainer (which I am so proud to be a part of this organisation) will now give me tools to help those SA dogs.

Through my work to date I have learnt to understand how anxiety impacts both dogs and owners emotionally and physically. Dr John Bradshaw (a leading expert in separation anxiety) wrote an article in the Guardian that included the quote “most dogs hate being left on their own. Dogs can be trained to cope with being left but few owners are aware that they can (indeed should) do this”.
Using peer-reviewed scientific evidence, safe training using desensitization to keep dogs under their panic threshold, our aim and desire is to help as many dogs as possible to stay safe regardless of the source of the behaviour (separation anxiety, isolation, or frustration).
Following our step-by-step programme, we go at the pace your dog dictates by ensuring we remain under its panic threshold. We use easy to follow steps and by setting uncomplicated, achievable goals.
Although I am based in the UK, I can work with clients over a worldwide basis as all our sessions take place via video link in the comfort of your own home. During the programme, we provide ongoing patient and empathetic support to ensure you and your dog remain motivated.

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