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Birgitta Geerlings-Wensveen

Birgitta is a certified dog trainer. Her passion is helping people with their rescue dogs and now since she is graduated as a SA Pro Trainer, she wants to help also dogs to get over their home-alone issues. She comes from the Netherlands, lived also in Germany and lives now with her husband and 4 rescue dogs in Sweden. She speaks Dutch, English, German, a little Swedish and helps people with their dogs worldwide.

Dogs have always played an important role in her life. She volunteered for many years also for shelters and NGOs. She is inspired by the unconditional love of dogs towards people. That is why dogs deserve that we understand them well and that dogs, therefore, have a beautiful dog-worthy life.

She introduced The Snuffle Garden Project in Holland. This dog welfare project became very popular. She organized for that reason also webinars about this topic and created an English website.

In addition to her experience and passion for dogs, she has great empathy for dogs but also for their owners. She tries to tell people about their dog in a positive way, how they can better help and guide their dog. She always explains this in “normal people language” so everybody can understand.

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