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Christa Shannon

Christa began her career with animals as a veterinary technician. Distressed by the behaviour issues her clients sought help with, Christa shifted her focus to animal training, founding Zen Critter, LLC.

Zen Critter strives to use the most up-to-date scientific principles, using positive reinforcement and force-free training methods.

Christa's achievements include graduating from the Karen Pryor Academy of Professional Dog Trainers and being recognized as a SA Pro Trainer. Understanding that separation anxiety is an emotionally draining and difficult condition for guardians and their companions, Christa feels that providing science-based, compassionate support is of utmost importance. This is why she avidly pursues continuing education and professional development by attending seminars and keeping current on industry literature.

Zen Critter, LLC, puts clients and their companions first, and is well respected and referred to by local veterinarians.

When not helping clients to enjoy easier lives with their companions, Christa enjoys competing in horse trials with her pony and camping with her husband and two dogs.

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