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Clare Larkin

Clare is the owner of ‘Paddy's Paws Dog Training and Behaviour' based in Worcestershire which offers longer-term programmes to support Reactivity and Separation Anxiety. She also offers online ‘Puppy Life Skills' programmes which include home alone training and setting your puppy up for the best possible start in our world.

Clare runs ‘Spaniel Speak' which incorporates her passion for all things Spaniel! Spaniel Speak is for all Spaniels and Spaniel Crosses who struggle with separation anxiety behaviours. Clare supports new puppy guardians with initial home alone training as well as adolescent and older dogs who struggle with separation anxiety. This is fully online and Clare works with clients nationally and internationally to support them with their dogs home alone training.
Clare is a qualified teacher, coach and has studied canine behaviour to degree level. She has studied with the ISCP, the IMDTB, the IAABC and the Dog Training College.

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