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Cristina Ispas

Cristina is a certified dog trainer, a graduate of the prestigious Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers.

She believes that connecting with our dogs is the foundation of pet companionship. But like all bonding experiences, whether within a species or between them, it requires time and work to grow and flourish. As the owner of DOG CONNECT, she is committed to force-free and humane practice, understanding the dog's experience from the dog's point of view and changing not only the dog's behaviour but, most importantly, the underlying emotional state. DOG CONNECT offers a supportive learning environment for players at both ends of the leash and custom-designed, quantifiable, training based on realistic expectations. DOG CONNECT offers private in-person and online consultations in behaviour problems – separation anxiety, anxiety & fear, resource guarding, manners & obedience. DOG CONNECT also focuses on puppy training & socialization, helping dog parents understand that a dog’s adult behavior is pretty much determined during the first three months of a puppy’s life. Behind every dog trainer, there is always a special dog that lights up one’s inspiration to connect and urges one to learn how to help them live a happy life and become the best version of themselves. Prior to training dogs, Cristina was a sociologist. In 2016 little Forrest came into her life and convinced her to follow her passion for dogs and dog/human communication. She is a strong believer in lifetime education, science-based training methods, respect, and empathy for both pet companions and their humans.

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