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Dominique van Bree

Hi there! Nice to meet you!

Ever since I was little I grew up with dogs. At my parents' house we have always had dogs, sometimes 4 or 5 dogs at a time.

In 2012 during my studies I graduated in animal nutrition. From 2014 to 2021 I worked in animal nutrition.

In 2021 I got my French bulldog Bubbles. And 3 weeks later I adopted my other French bulldog Cardi. I was overjoyed. After not having a dog for 6 months as my last one passed away in 2021 everything felt empty so I was over the moon to have dogs again. However, I soon found out that both Bubbles and Cardi have separation anxiety. There went the spontaneity, I could no longer do things without having arranged a dog sitter. Or I took them everywhere.

And then I knew, I want to help people who experience the same problem. As an experience expert, I know all too well how annoying this problem is.

And that's why I want to help you! I am here for you, just send me a message!

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