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Doreen Potter

Doreen Potter is the owner of A2B Dog Training and Behaviour-based in Cumbria, UK.

Doreen has spent most of her adult life working with dog's, either in the training of pet owners, or competing in Obedience with her collies.

Having rescued a street dog (+3 more), Doreen became engrossed in learning how to help anxious and nervous dog's cope with life. Threw herself into learning and educating herself with positive reward-based training, to help not just the dog's with their struggles but the dog's guardians and family too. Giving 100% support throughout their time together.

Doreen works on the dog's struggles by understanding why they behave in a certain way. Giving the family the tools to help continue with their dog's transformation. Doreen is now specialising in Separation Anxiety along with dog's struggling with anxiety. Providing coaching for puppies and older dogs too.

Doreen can help you wherever you live in the world and you can always get in touch for a chat.