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Elaine Brooks

Elaine is a Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CAB) registered with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council. This regulatory body represents trainers & behaviourists to both public and legislative bodies here in the UK. Elaine works on veterinary referral, and as a fully accredited CAB, she fulfils the criteria set by pet insurance companies to cover behavioural treatment, including separation-related disorders.

Latterly Elaine has decided to specialise in the prevention and treatment of separation disorders and sound phobias in dogs. Her previous dog, Tarn, suffered both these conditions and understands what it feels like to be a hostage in your own home and how distressing it is to see your pet so scared and panicked. Sadly Tarn is no longer with her, but Tor, her successor, is quite happy to snooze alone for a couple of hours at the end of a happy and active day. She’s had a good teacher!