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Eleanor Hogan

I run Els K9 Solutions, dog training & behaviour company, in Surrey, UK. I am passionate about helping families with dogs with separation anxiety using kind and effective techniques.

I know just how hard it can be having helped my own dog with separation anxiety. As a graduate of Julie Naismith's Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer course (Cert. SAPT), I am very fortunate to now be able to help other people do the same. My aim is to always give the very best support and guidance every step of the way as I work with people to help their dog's overcome separation anxiety.

I have have a first class honors degree in psychology and have followed my passion for dogs by furthering my study and experience to specialize in dog training and behaviour. I feel very privileged to have helped many dogs and their families to develop a variety of skills with their dogs and support behavioral change using kind and force free methods.

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