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Hannah Thiemann

Hannah started her dog training career at a busy, open-admission animal shelter, where she helped fearful and anxious dogs cope with their bewildering surroundings and make it through the shelter system to new, loving homes. Now, she does her best to keep dogs from entering the shelter system in the first place by providing life-changing training to them and their families, helping them stay together. Hannah has worked with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments, but anxious dogs hold a special place in her heart, having lived with several of her own. She loves to watch these dogs blossom as they progress through training and learn that the world isn't as scary as they first feared!

Hannah is an honor graduate from The Academy for Dog Trainers, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, and a member of the Pet Professional Guild, an organization committed to force-free training. She has seen the incredible impact that kind, science-based training can have on the lives of dogs and their guardians and she is so excited to share her skills and knowledge with whoever needs it.

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