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Herma de Herder

Hello dog owner! I am Herma de Herder.

I am a trainer at “Hond op School” in Rotterdam the Netherlands. I am certified Canine Instructor and behavior therapist. Since 2021 I have specialized in separation anxiety. (Certified SA PRO Behavior Consultant).

In my day-to-day trainings I ran into a lot of dog owners who were at the end of their wits because they could not leave their dog at home even for a short while. Not just difficult for the owners but very much also for their dogs. Luckily, there is the Julie Naismith approach who developed a very practical and easy to work with program to help dogs and their owners deal with separation anxiety. I really hope to help a lot of owners and their dogs solve this issue and create happy dogs and their owners. I can provide the training in both Dutch and English.