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Jackie Moyano

Jackie Moyano transitioned careers from a respiratory therapist to dog training. In addition to caring for patients, she also taught both patients and respiratory therapy students. Jackie's medical teaching experience lends itself well to teaching people how to train their dogs.

Pssst! Dog training is really people training!

Jackie's dog training expertise and education comes from completing 3 of Pat Miller's training academies, attending Ken Ramirez' Animal Training Seminar at SHEDD Aquarium, attending Sue Sternberg's Eden Internship working with Alaskan husky sled dogs, plus completing all 5 of the Bailey-Farhoody chicken workshops where Jackie learned animal training science and practiced training skills with chickens.

Jackie actively pursues continuing education and recently added a separation anxiety credential, SAPro to her name. Jackie's training partners are her Siamese cat and her Dachshund Terrier mix.

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