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Janet Laidlaw

Janet is passionate about relationship based dog training and has a YouTube channel “The Dog Vlog” to help people better understand and enjoy their pets. Janet has worked as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Coordinator and has been one of the world’s few official “Wild Goose Chasers”. Her working Border Collies, Sprite and Keegan, sent away Canada Geese from city fields and high activity sports fields “disturbing the poop” for over 5 years. Keegan also has had extreme separation issues, made complicated by the fact that he is epileptic and that stress can trigger his seizures. Using Julie's Naismith's methods Keegan has accomplished 2 hours alone time which was previously unimaginable for him! For many years Janet has experienced the journey of living as a single person with a dog who can't be left alone and truly understands how emotionally challenging this can be. She would love to help others overcome separation anxiety obstacles.

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