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Jenna Sutherland


I’m Jenna Sutherland, an online dog separation anxiety pro trainer at Canine Choices who specialises in helping owners just like you to understand your dog’s fears, needs and feelings so that you can fully support your dog to feel safe and comfortable about being home alone and regain your freedom!

From a very young age, I always dreamed of and said, “When I grow up, I want to help animals feel better”. In 2018, I began to follow the path I’d been dreaming of since I was little. I welcomed my very own mini labradoodle, Ted into my life who has led me down a path in helping him to feel better around things that he can be fearful of.

Our journey together began 4 years ago when I brought Ted home at 5 months old, little did I know that he had separation anxiety when I rescued him. After finding it so tough to get the fear free support I needed for Ted, this led me to dive deep in to learning and understanding separation anxiety. That was when I developed my passion for helping owners to understand their dog’s fears, needs and feelings so that they can fully support their dog(s) to feel safe and comfortable about being home alone.

I graduated as a Separation anxiety pro trainer with Julie Naismith to help owners just like me to get their freedom back. Freedom where you can leave your dog(s) at home and can feel relaxed, be worry free and not feel guilty about going out. Be able to pop to the corner shop, collect the kids from school, go to work, do the food shopping and enjoy going out for a meal as you know your dog feels comfortable and content knowing that being home alone is safe and something that they can cope with.

As we work together in helping your dog overcome separation anxiety, we use a fear free step by step approach which gives your dog choices, allows them to go at their own pace and gives them all the time and support they need to be able to cope with being home alone. This fear free approach ensures your dog doesn’t get scared, panic or left to cry it out at any time.

Come connect with me on my Facebook page (Canine Choices) to share your own unique story and challenges with someone who truly understands how it feels to have a dog with separation anxiety or schedule a free chat with me here

I look forward to connecting with you and listening to your separation anxiety challenges!

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