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Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer is a professional, certified dog trainer and behaviour consultant. She has played many roles in the animal industry: zookeeper, wildlife rehabber, docent, and educator.

After adopting two fearful/reactive shelter dogs, she began her educational journey to become a professional animal trainer.  Jennifer’s passion is educating owners about environmental enrichment and helping clients develop deep and meaningful relationships with their animals. Jennifer is committed to using the most current, effective methods for working with Separation Anxiety and helping clients meet their goals.

In addition to being an SA Pro Trainer, Jennifer holds a certificate from the University of Washington in Applied Animal Behavior, is an Elite Fear Free Practitioner, a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner, and a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer.

Jennifer lives in Los Angeles with two mixed-breed dogs, Green Aracaris (small Toucans), African Grey parrots, and Poison Dart Frogs.

In addition to training animals, she is an avid theatre-goer and docent for the Los Angeles Zoo.