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Jo Jackman

My name is Jo and I started Outward-Hound in 2010 after getting our RSPCA rescue dog, Charlie. When I got Charlie from the RSPCA, he had separation anxiety, he would bark constantly if he was left alone. He would pant, tremble and pace, never being able to settle, he even tried to claw his way through the kitchen door! It was Charlie who inspired me to start Outward-Hound, first of all, offering dog walking and home boarding services, which then led me to my passion for dog training. At Outward-Hound, training is not just about training your dog to ‘stay’ (although we do teach that!), I am passionate about helping owners get the best from their dogs. And now as a SA Pro Trainer, I am able to help more dogs, who, like my Charlie, struggle to cope when left alone. Seeing dogs go from delinquents to happy, content canine companions is my passion.

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