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Joanna Meleiro

I found my calling while photographing adoptable dogs for local rescues in 2013. Intrigued by the challenge of helping the dogs feel comfortable for the camera, I started studying canine behaviour and soon adopted Zoe Moo – one of the dogs I had photographed.

I created DOG IS RIGHT to help worried dogs and their stressed people. I work primarily with separation-related behaviours whether that is anxiety, frustration, boredom, fear, or a combination of the above. Whatever the reason your dog is not able to relax while home alone and you are consumed with stress from dealing with the aftermath of their panic moments – we work together to help your dog learn that absences are safe so you can go about your life while they snooze.

Thanks to all the lessons from Moo I am especially drawn to the ‘worried’ dogs with endless patience to help their people speak dog more fluently so they can communicate better and navigate the world confidently together.

My special interests include social play, fear & aggression, practical enrichment solutions, and training games. I live in Vancouver, WA with my husband, three dogs, and a rotating crew of special fosters from Humane Society for Southwest Washington.