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Jolijn Jorissen


I’ve been training dogs for almost ten years. For a couple of years, I focus on training young puppies, coaching first-time dog owners and scent work. I love teaching dog guardians what an amazing thing a dog’s nose is and how they can have fun together and improve their relationship.

Where separation anxiety used to be something I preferred to stay away from (like a lot of trainers) I encountered more and more puppies with separation anxiety. While helping these families I noticed my knowledge was too basic but also that I really enjoy working on separation anxiety. So here I am!

For me as a person, animal rights are very important and this reflects in my work as a trainer and therapist. I work using positive reinforcement and put the dog’s mental health and wellbeing first. I want dogs to feel happy, comfortable and secure while training and in daily life.

I live in Belgium but I help people and dogs all over the world.

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