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Karen Henley

Owner of Bark-ology and based in the UK, Karen is a certified dog trainer, member of the UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter and proud to be a SA Pro Certified Trainer.

Specialising in Separation Anxiety, Karen believes that you and your dog deserve to work with someone who is educated about the most up to date training and passionate about providing positive, science-based effective training for dogs and their guardians and aims to do just that!
She is here to help! If you want to stop feeling guilty when you leave your dog alone, want to stop feeling trapped in your own home and if you are overwhelmed with conflicting advice then give her a call. She works using a step by step programme to support you and your dog and will hold your hand every step of the way.
She uses modern science-based, positive training techniques and gives you the tools to help your dog and not feel a prisoner in your own home. All training is done remotely but don’t panic if you are a technophobe, it is very easy and she can help you get started if you are not sure what to do.

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