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Kayla Burdett

I am a Tampa local trainer with a passion for helping both dogs and people in need. I work with owners and dogs to facilitate a force free foundation for training that encourages a healthy and understanding relationship between pup and parent.

I have always had a passion for the pups that need the most help. My goal is to do what I am able to help both pet parents and dogs develop a positive outlook on life while fostering skills that can help them succeed in navigating a our human world. Working through separation anxiety can be challenging, but my hope is to be a supportive guide as we work together to tackle that challenge and see success along the way.

I also work with minor reactivity issues, as well as basic skills and social development for puppy's and adult dogs alike. I am currently certified as both a CPDT-KA and an SAPT. I am constantly working towards furthering my education in the field of ethical dog training, and strive to foster a relationship between dogs and pet parents through fun and force free learning.

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