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Kelly Fahey

Kelly received her PMCT2 certification from world-renowned Pat Miller. She is also a Fear-Free Certified Professional, SAPro Trainer, and a lifelong dog lover.

You might say her “career” started as an exceptionally active member of her local 4-H Club, though formally it began with the creation of her first business, Release the Hounds LLC, providing professional dog walking services.

As her interest and education in dog behaviour advanced, Kelly eventually opened PupScouts of Hunterdon (formerly, the DogSmith of Hunterdon) to add a force-free puppy and dog training to her pet care services in an effort to provide busy dog lovers with positive, practical solutions to all their dog care and behaviour needs.

Kelly has seen the struggles that families have gone through with their dogs having a variety of behavioural problems. She is passionate about helping families avoid these problems by getting them started off on the right paw with her specialized Puppy Concierge Program. With her separation anxiety credential, she is able to coach puppy parents on separation anxiety prevention as well as to aide those families struggling with dogs who have separation find relief by coaching them how to help their dogs cope with being home alone.

Speaking of busy, Kelly and her family have raised 24 seeing eye puppies for The Seeing Eye of Morristown, NJ!

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