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Kiem Sie

Kiem is a SAPT, certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA), and behaviour consultant who has been working across two sectors for over a decade: animal welfare and higher education.

Her journey into dog training started when she rescued her dog Bimo who was running on the streets of Oakland. This led her into the world of sheltering, starting as a volunteer, then board member, and then trainer and behaviour consultant. Her next dog, Leo is a foster fail and suffered from separation anxiety. Kiem’s experiences with her dog and other dogs suffering from SA in and out of shelters was the spark for her interest in helping dogs develop comfort with being alone.
In addition to her dog training business, Kiem serves as the Operations Director for two non-profit organizations: Shelter Playgroup Alliance (SPA) and Humane Dog Training Advocates (HDTA). SPA provides animal welfare organizations with education, tailorable guidelines, and support materials for developing and implementing comprehensive enrichment programs. Humane Dog Training Advocates (HDTA) promotes modern, positive, humane, and science-based dog training methods through education and advocacy. Through education and support, HDTA hopes that fewer dogs are relinquished to shelters.