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Lara Conaway

My aim is to help you have a harmonious and contented relationship with your dog. No dog is perfect; all of them have quirks, likes and dislikes, just like us. I love helping clients understand their dogs better, creating a deep bond that literally lasts a lifetime.

About 3 years ago, having lived with dogs for most of my life, I branched out from the corporate world and became qualified in dog training and behaviour through the VSA. Since then, I have helped 100’s of dogs and their owners on different behavioural issues, with a focus on bespoke, individual support.
Through my experience, I have become more focused on working and studying the more challenging behaviours, with a particular interest in helping separation anxiety clients. This led me to the wonderful training with Julie Naismith of which I am a proud holder of the SA Pro Badge.
I live in the UK in the Surrey countryside with 2 wonderful lurchers. I work with clients on a local, regional and worldwide level both through the convenience of Zoom consults and if local, 1:1 home visits. My separation anxiety training approach is to be sensitive and understanding to help you find your freedom and have a happier dog.

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