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Lisa Hewitt

Hello, I am the owner of Paws for Thought Canine Coach based in South Wales, UK. I coach dog guardians so that they can support their canine companion with compassion, awareness, kindness and empathy.

My passion lies in supporting both dogs and their guardians with behavioural problems so that their dogs can feel safe, calm and happy and owners feel more relaxed. I have a personal interest in separation anxiety and currently supporting guardians online to help overcome this with their dogs.

I use compassionate force-free methods within my training and support in separation anxiety.

I am a licenced canine body language instructor, puppy training specialist and currently studying to be a reactivity specialist. I hold an Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma, and a Certificate in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). I am able to work with clients anywhere in the world as all sessions can take place remotely link in the comfort of your own home.

I am so proud to have achieved my SA Pro Certification, be part of such a wonderful group of trainers and continue to support separation anxiety cases.

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