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Mandy Rigby

Hello, my name is Mandy Rigby, I am a Canine Behaviourist and Scent Work Trainer and reside in the central region of the United Kingdom. My passion lies with promoting force and fear-free training within my role as a dog mediator, supporting guardians in understanding their dog’s fundamental needs as sentient beings who cohabitate with us in our natural world. I made the decision to specialize in separation anxiety as one of my own dogs showed signs of developing this anxiety as a young puppy. I fully appreciate how much of an emotional drain it is and how restrictive it can be for the caregiver of a dog that suffers from this condition. The very gradual desensitization process enables dogs to learn to accept being home alone is okay and when the anxiety subsides these alone periods can even provide much needed quiet times for the dog, allowing time to download information and unwind from all the other sensory elements that come into a dog’s life on a day to day basis. The most successful way to deliver separation anxiety training sessions is remotely utilising modern-day technology enabling me to assist owners with their dogs countrywide.

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