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Paula Dobson

Hi, I am Paula – The owner of Paula’s Pet Services (Est.2015) and a graduate of Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer course (AD – PDT), and graduate of Julie Naismith’s Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer Course, (Cert. SAPT)

My heart goes out to all of you owners who are struggling with SA. I have worked as a dog walker before dog training and have worked alongside lots of owners to manage SA and enable them an hour or 4 of freedom to nip out and go for meals or go shopping. As a SA Pro Trainer, I would love to help you understand how to help your dog and work towards your independence in managing this for yourselves too.

It’s important that you can ask me anything, no question is a stupid question. I want for you to understand the process and trust how it can work for you and your dog. As a force free and fear free trainer, we will work as a team and I’ll be here to support you all the way, in understanding what is going on with your dog and to help them in the best way possible. Separation Anxiety can be a lonely and overwhelming pathway, but you don’t have to do this alone.