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Robin Ashman-Terrell

Robin is a force-free, certified professional dog trainer with over 19 years of experience in training, rescue, behavior management & animal therapy in Dallas, TX. Robin is also certified Fear Free and is a licensed Family Paws Parent Educator as well as being a Certified Separation Anxiety Pro.

Robin uses force-free, science-based positive reinforcement methods only. She wants your dog to enjoy wanting to work with you and for you. And she loves seeing the tight bond that is created as the human end of the leash starts to understand what their dog is saying to them.

Robin works with quite a wide variety of issues. And your dog does not have to have issues to work with a trainer. She loves working with kids and their dogs to create a beautiful bond they can grow up with. She helps people train their dogs to be registered therapy dogs as well as to go out into public with their two legged human. Dogs should have nice manners in public and Robin takes you anywhere you would like to go for training. Stores, restaurants, your kids sports games…..

Separation anxiety is very scary for your dogs and Robin can help you and your furry BFF learn how to be seperated when needed.

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