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Sharon Labossiere

Having started her dog training journey in the shelter world, Sharon decided that she could make the greatest difference in dog's lives and those of their humans by ensuring that dog's stayed in their homes. Sharon started Hanging With Hounds in 2013 and works with a wide variety of canine behaviour ranging from puppies – who don't love puppies – to more complex behaviour such as separation anxiety.

Sharon is a multi-certified trainer carrying designations from a number of leading dog training organizations. Her approach is to ‘do no harm' so all training will be done with the dog's welfare and those of their people to be front and center in her training approach. Sharon is accredited through the BC SPCA AnimalKind Program, a rigorous program whose mandate is to raise the standard of the dog training industry in British Columbia.

Having a special interest in working with dogs suffering from fears and phobias including separation anxiety led Sharon to become a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT) in 2018. Given a desire to stay current and to continue to build knowledge in this challenging area, Sharon pursued further professional development and is proud to add SA Pro Trainer to her list of qualifications.

Sharon sees separation anxiety clients from across Canada.