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Victoria Blondin

Victoria has been working in animal behaviour and welfare since 2000 where she started using positive reinforcement methods to train neglected horses.

She attended school at the University of Guelph receiving a Bachelor degree in animal sciences with an emphasis on animal nutrition and behaviour. She also received a Master’s degree in Science from the Animal Behaviour and Welfare department at Guelph University. She attended her veterinary medicine degree at Edinburgh University in the UK; graduating in 2015 and practising in the UK before returning to Canada in 2016.

Animal nutrition, behaviour, and welfare continue to be her main areas of interest. She is especially passionate about fear and force-free methods. Her favourite areas of interest in training are separation anxiety, cat behaviour, child safety with dogs, and trick training in dogs and cats.

Her business, Shaggy Dog Pet Services, is online and in-person in the Kingston, Ontario area. She can see clients Canada-wide.